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Holly Wreath offers blown glass ornaments from many regions around the world. Let us help you create Christmas Memories today that will become Family Traditions tomorrow.

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Although many of the glass ornaments used today to decorate our trees may have been manufactured in China, Mexico, the USA, and elsewhere, the originals were invented in Germany. In the late 16th century the small German town of Lauscha became known for its glass-blowing. In 1847 Hans Greiner (a descendent of the Hans Greiner who had established Lauscha's first glassworks) began producing glass ornaments in the shape of fruits and nuts. These ornaments were made in a unique mouth-blown process combined with molds. The inside of the ornament was made to look silvery, at first with mercury or lead, then later using a special compound of silver nitrate and sugar water. Greiner's sons and grandsons, carried on the Christmas ornament tradition. Soon these unique glass Christmas ornaments were being exported to other parts of the world. In the 1880s it was the American dime-store magnate F. W. Woolworth who discovered Lauscha's glassworks during a visit to Germany. Despite his initial reluctance to stock the glass ornaments, he later made a fortune by importing the German glass ornaments to the U.S. Ironically, he was selling $25 million worth of ornaments by 1890 at nickel and dime prices.